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The founder of the Musical Comedy Guide is Dave Nattriss, a professional freelance web developer and digital consultant, with a passion for culture and technology. In particular, he has enjoyed both music and comedy from an early age, as well as making music and making people laugh in his own spare time, and since 2010 has come to appreciate the sophistication, skill and talent required for musical comedy, as a combination of the two disciplines. He's also quite good at blowing his own trumpet.

That appreciation came in particular from his involvement with the highly entertaining Musical Comedy Awards, an annual London-based competition and essentially a seasonal festival, highlighting the very best in live musical comedy in the United Kingdom and beyond. Dave has 'teched' at the majority of MCAs events, taking care of the sound engineering, lighting, and even operating the visual timer at the back of the room for competing acts. He's also often found backstage at MCAs finals, eating his own birthday cake, because all the acts are too nervous about their performances to help him.

He's also attended almost all the Distraction Club events since 2013 - the UK's premier monthly live showcase of all that is musical and funny, which started in April 2011, and teched the show twice in the absence of it's founding technician, and through spending time at all these events, many others, and of course, online, he quickly realised that no service existed as a definitive guide to the ever-growing world of musical comedy.

This website, naturally, aims to fill that hole.